Re: [ldm-users] user-stories for the LDM replacement

Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
On Sat, 29 Mar 2008, Daryl Herzmann wrote:

I'll bite on this with my 2 cents!

I was sort of surprised by this announcement and very much concerned.
Without a doubt, LDM has been the most stable and most important piece of
middle ware software I use.  Outside of the IDD, it is a key part of my
content generation and distribution system.  It just works and it is
something I don't worry about failing, since it rarely/never does!

After a cursory look over the pages, it is not clear to me what is going
to happen with LDM.  Is this 'replacement' going to be written in Java? Is
it going to maintain RPC compatibility with LDM?  Aren't there other
projects doing some of the things mentioned, like Thredds Data Server(?),

Talking with other LDM users this weekend, they expressed similar
concerns. I would much rather see some of those features go into the LDM
codebase without such a drastic shift to different / unproven technology.

This new project looks very cool, but lets not replace LDM :)

+1 here. The current LDM works great, and I'm not sure reinventing the wheel here is going to help. Unless it is going to work with older LDM's, I'm quite content with how this generation of LDM works. And this from someone who people call "Captain Upgrade" for being bleeding edge!

+1 here, too. I use LDM too extensively and for too many (near-)production activities to want to migrate anytime soon. Let me look at the wiki and comment further there but I have to express skepticism at this time that a replacement is A) needed, B) warranted or C) welcome.

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