[ldm-users] user-stories for the LDM replacement

Dear LDM user,

I'm working on a replacement for the LDM and I'd like your help. I need user-stories (i.e., high-level usage scenarios) so I don't forget anything or leave out some useful feature. I've created a wiki to help gather the stories (and for anything else for which it might be useful). The wiki is at <https://wiki.ucar.edu/display/unidata/LDM+Replacement>. It contains the link "User Stories" in which I've put one story. Please read it and if you think something is missing, then please add your own story, edit any existing one, add comments, etc.

In order to add or edit, I'll have to create an account for you on the UCAR wiki and add you to the "LDM-Replacement" group. Just reply to this email with your full name and the email address you'll want to use as your identifier. Naturally, I reserve the right to be human (i.e., picky :-).

Now's your chance!

With regards,
Steve Emmerson
LDM Developer
Unidata Program Center

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