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On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Christian Page wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to insert a few supplemental METARs into the local product queue of LDM
> and have them processed by pqact, pqsurf. I tried pqinsert:
> pqinsert -vx -q /io/ldm/data/ldm.pq -f IDS /io/ldm/data/nws/LF.TXT

> The products are in the queue, but they are not processed. If I try pqinsert
> again:


Your process is correct but with one small detail missing. The product
identifier in the above example is "/io/ldm/data/nws/LF.TXT" so your
pqact entries must be expecting that identifier.  Do you have an
pqact entry for that identifier under feedtype IDS? Another problem is
that pqsurf is looking for the standard WMO identifier too. ie "SAFR31
LFPW 311230" Actually pqinsert should have an id flag to set the
identifier. One solution would be to create a filename with the desired
WMO indentifier and then use pqinsert.  The other problem about the
product already being in the que is that the LDM sees it as a duplicate
product and so it ignores it. One can wait unitl the product is removed
from the que, about an hour on a LDM receiving data or create a product
that is slighty different.  The product is considered the same from the
WMO heading down to the end of the data. One quick way to change the
product would be to duplicate a internal report.  


>         Mapping 267993088
>         PQUEUE_DUP
> pqinsert: Product already in queue: 91d8a5146b2ede24afaae708b94975f9      398
> 20010731124810.406     IDS
> of course the product has already been inserted.
> The file itself is (where ^M ^C and ^A are control characters):
> ^C^A^M^M
> 981 ^M^M
> SAFR31 LFPW 311230^M^M
> LFJL 311230Z AUTO 26010KT 9999 SCT058 SCT070 30/15 Q1022=^M^M
> LFBG 311230Z 36006KT 320V040 CAVOK 31/16 Q1024=^M^M
> ^M^M
> I put a dummy number 981, and a dummy product header SAFR31 LFPW.
> The real SAFR31 LFPW product has already been processed by LDM.
> What is missing?
> Thanks!
> Christian Page

Robb Kambic                                Unidata Program Center
Software Engineer III                      Univ. Corp for Atmospheric Research
rkambic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                   WWW:

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