I want to insert a few supplemental METARs into the local product queue of LDM
and have them processed by pqact, pqsurf. I tried pqinsert:

pqinsert -vx -q /io/ldm/data/ldm.pq -f IDS /io/ldm/data/nws/LF.TXT

The products are in the queue, but they are not processed. If I try pqinsert
        Mapping 267993088
pqinsert: Product already in queue: 91d8a5146b2ede24afaae708b94975f9      398
20010731124810.406     IDS

of course the product has already been inserted.

The file itself is (where ^M ^C and ^A are control characters):
981 ^M^M
SAFR31 LFPW 311230^M^M
LFJL 311230Z AUTO 26010KT 9999 SCT058 SCT070 30/15 Q1022=^M^M
LFBG 311230Z 36006KT 320V040 CAVOK 31/16 Q1024=^M^M

I put a dummy number 981, and a dummy product header SAFR31 LFPW.
The real SAFR31 LFPW product has already been processed by LDM.

What is missing?


Christian Page