Re: [idvusers] Creating ISL script / xidv bundle which generates images in "full screen" view

  • To: "'Jeff McWhirter'" <jeffmc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [idvusers] Creating ISL script / xidv bundle which generates images in "full screen" view
  • From: "Evan Lowery" <elowery@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 08:07:57 -0400
Hi Evan,
>> Goal: Generate a 960x720 satellite image centered over the U.S. which
>> exactly matches an existing 960x720 image of the US. This image needs to
>> automatically generated every ~15 minutes as new satellite data comes in.

>> STEP1: Create custom Projection named "custom_us"
>> Type: Stereographic, False Easting: 0, False Northing: 0, Scale: 1,
>> lat: 90.0, Tangent lon: -96.0
>> STEP2: Move the bounding box of the projection by editing
>> ".undata/idv/DefaultIdv/projections.xml" <after hours of trial and error>
>Just curious why the hand editing of the projection file? I know our 
>projection editor needs work. What could we do in the IDV to make this 
>process easier? Enable the exact setting of the bounding box values? Any 

Absolutely.  If we could set the LL / UR corners of the bounding box, that
would help out a great deal.  For example, I am trying to duplicate images
created by the following GEMPAK GDPLOT3 settings:
PROJ=str/90;-96;0       (Stereographic, Tangent Lat (90), Tangent Lon (-96)
- good to go)
GAREA=14.1;-120.2;47.2;-40 (bounding box - not good to go, impossible to
manually move the box to these exact settings)
DEVICE=gif | test.gif | 960 ; 720 -- good to go via the width/height
commands you suggested

>Also - is there anything we could add to the ISL to have made this 
>process easier?
>For example, we just added  last week a viewpoint tag:
>that allows for scripted positioning of the viewpoint.
>We also have a center tag:
>that allows for positioning.
>We can also do clipping of the image:

I just downloaded the latest nightly build and see the new viewpoint
settings.  The "scale" feature I believe will be incredibly handy because
before the only way to zoom in/out was to manually set the zoom in the gui
(which are large steps each time you zoom in or out).

Not necessarily on the ISL side, but if there was a function in the gui that
told you the current width/height of the screen as well as the center point
that would be very helpful.  Nevermind on the center point, as I'm writing
this I saw the "Range and Bearing" function which gives you the center point

> [...]
>> STEP11: Run isl script to generate gif image.  Result:  creates an image
>> 960 x 720 pixels, instead it creates an image which is the size of the
>> display panel (1164 x 1002 pixels) and is clearly distorted from the view
>> need.

>When you run isl in onscreen mode the view size is whatever size the gui 
>layout of the window ends up with. What you should do is set 
>offscreen=true and you can set the size of the view in the bundle tag 
>with the width/height attributes:

The width/height attributes are exactly what I was looking for.  A similar
setting in the GUI would be very helpful.  We can obviously set the full
screen mode, but it might be good to also be able to set the size of the
display window when not in full screen mode.  This is probably overkill.