Re: [idvusers] Creating ISL script / xidv bundle which generates images in "full screen" view

  • To: Evan Lowery <elowery@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [idvusers] Creating ISL script / xidv bundle which generates images in "full screen" view
  • From: Jeff McWhirter <jeffmc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2009 04:48:51 -0600
Hi Evan,
Goal: Generate a 960x720 satellite image centered over the U.S. which
exactly matches an existing 960x720 image of the US. This image needs to be
automatically generated every ~15 minutes as new satellite data comes in.

STEP1: Create custom Projection named "custom_us"

Type: Stereographic, False Easting: 0, False Northing: 0, Scale: 1, Tangent
lat: 90.0, Tangent lon: -96.0

STEP2: Move the bounding box of the projection by editing
".undata/idv/DefaultIdv/projections.xml" <after hours of trial and error>

Just curious why the hand editing of the projection file? I know our projection editor needs work. What could we do in the IDV to make this process easier? Enable the exact setting of the bounding box values? Any ideas?

Also - is there anything we could add to the ISL to have made this process easier?
For example, we just added  last week a viewpoint tag:
that allows for scripted positioning of the viewpoint.
We also have a center tag:
that allows for positioning.
We can also do clipping of the image:

STEP11: Run isl script to generate gif image.  Result:  creates an image NOT
960 x 720 pixels, instead it creates an image which is the size of the
display panel (1164 x 1002 pixels) and is clearly distorted from the view I

When you run isl in onscreen mode the view size is whatever size the gui layout of the window ends up with. What you should do is set offscreen=true and you can set the size of the view in the bundle tag with the width/height attributes: