[idvusers] Creating ISL script / xidv bundle which generates images in "full screen" view



Thoroughly searched through the archives before posting this question with
no luck.  I would think someone's ran into a similar problem before.


Goal: Generate a 960x720 satellite image centered over the U.S. which
exactly matches an existing 960x720 image of the US. This image needs to be
automatically generated every ~15 minutes as new satellite data comes in.


I was able to manually create the EXACT image needed in IDV following the
steps below.  When I tried to save all of the steps made as an xidv bundle
and create a simple ISL script, it did not save in full screen mode, but
instead saved the image in the display panel dimensions.


STEP1: Create custom Projection named "custom_us"

Type: Stereographic, False Easting: 0, False Northing: 0, Scale: 1, Tangent
lat: 90.0, Tangent lon: -96.0


STEP2: Move the bounding box of the projection by editing
".undata/idv/DefaultIdv/projections.xml" <after hours of trial and error>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<object class="java.util.ArrayList">

    <method name="add">

        <object class="ucar.unidata.geoloc.projection.Stereographic">

            <property name="Scale">



            <property name="TangentLon">



            <property name="DefaultMapArea">

                <object class="ucar.unidata.geoloc.ProjectionRect">









            <property name="Name">







STEP3: Add Directory with satellite data using "Data Choosers", Create


STEP4: Select View, Properties

- uncheck (all boxes), set Full Screen Dimensions (960 x 720)


STEP5: Select Projections, Predefined, "custom_us"


STEP6: Zoom in Exactly 4 times


STEP7: Select View, Full Screen


STEP8: Select View, Capture, Image, Name it "test.gif" --- PERFECT!!!


STEP9: Files, Save As "custom_us_satellite.xidv"


STEP10: Create a simple .isl script "custom_us_satellite.isl"

<isl debug="true" offscreen="false">

    <bundle file="custom_us_satellite.xidv"/>


    <image file="custom_us_satellite.gif"/>



STEP11: Run isl script to generate gif image.  Result:  creates an image NOT
960 x 720 pixels, instead it creates an image which is the size of the
display panel (1164 x 1002 pixels) and is clearly distorted from the view I


Thanks in advance for your help,

Evan Lowery