Re: [idvusers] Time animation of point data - accumulating

Hi Stu-

Stuart Wier wrote:

A time animation mode useful in geophysics is accumulating by time, where as each new time value appears all the preceding ones persist. This is used in earthquake hypocenter plots to show fault break progress along a fault, and it is much like the accumulating plot of weather radar storm total precipitation. It's really the same thing, only for point data.

Excellent suggestion.  Another example would be lightning data.  In
the latest nightly build, there is a new feature that allows the user
to accumulate data over a time range.  This is analogous to how we've
handled aircraft tracks.  In the point data plot control, you
can select to display single times or a time range.  The default range
is the entire data range and replaces the old "Show all times at once"
feature.  But you now have the ability to set the range to be from
the start of the data to the current animation time, so that as you
animate, the plots will "accumulate" on the display.  You can also
have a moving window to show data relative to the current animation
time (e.g. 1 day prior to animation time).

If anyone wants to test this out, we'd appreciate feedback on this
new functionality.

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