Re: [idvusers] Time period in text point data?

Hi Kathrin-

Kathrin Poser wrote:
I am a new user of IDV and am quite impressed. So far, everything works great!

Glad you are finding it useful.

Now I have my first question: I have 3d text point data (csv format) that I am animating. So far, each point has one time value and is therefore shown only at one time step (when it appears) and disappears with the next step. Is it possible (and if so, how) to define a time period for points, so that they appear at a specified time and then stay or disappear again at another specified time?

If you bring up the Properties dialog for your Text Point Data
source (right click, select Properties menu or double click on
it) on it in the Field Selector, you'll see an option in
the dialog for binning your data.  Is this what you are looking

We are in the process of reworking how we handle the text
point data in the IDV to make it more robust.  Suggestions on
improvements from the community are welcome.

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