Linux GUI unresponsive on IDV startup

Hi Ken-

Ken Tanaka wrote:

Going by the PCI status page I think I have:
VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon VE QY

At the moment I don't know how to see or set the color depth. I'll try that next.

Okay, let me know what you find out.

As a side note, we are preparing to release version 1.1 in August.
This new version will require Java 1.4, which will not run under
RedHat 7.3.  Does NOAA have plans to support later versions of RedHat
with the latest versions of gcc?

Sorry, I need to retract this statement.  It was IDV 1.0.1 that will
not work on RedHat Linux Fedora due to a gcc incompatibility.
Later versions of the IDV 1.1beta* should work under Red Hat 7.3.
We no longer have any of those systems, so if someone can confirm
this, let me know.

I tried IDV 1.1b3 on a different system (IDV 1.0.1 would not install without errors),

That's because it uses Java 1.3.  Sorry for the confusion.

kernel 2.4.21-15.0.3.EL
Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS release 3 (Taroon Update 2)
VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]

but had trouble starting:

Exception in thread "main" No such file or
       at Method)
       at<init>(Unknown Source)
       at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(Unknown Source)
       at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(Unknown Source)

This could be a problem in the IDV link file.  If you cd
to the IDV_1.1b3 directory and run:


does it work?

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