Linux GUI unresponsive on IDV startup


I'm having my mouse buttons and keyboard go inactive on starting IDV. Two windows open, one mostly overlapping the other. The top window is a "Data Selector" and the bottom one has a status bar visible on the bottom that says "Memory 16.40/28.77 MB (56%)" and "Loading Defaults". My mouse pointer still moves, but focus stops following mouse (no highlights on windows or buttons under pointer). Logging in remotely the system is still alive. The java process is using 99.7% of CPU. After about 10 minutes the system freezes, and the GUI goes completely dead, with the pointer no longer responding to the mouse movements. Is this an OpenGL issue? Has anyone encountered this before?

I'm using RedHat Linux release 7.3 (kernel 2.4.20-31.73ncirt.1 NOAA certified), on a Dell 350 with 1GB RAM. The IDV version is 1.0.1


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