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Hi Brian-

I'm cc'ing this to idvusers since I caused some confusion.

HOETH, BRIAN R. (JSC-ZS) (LM) wrote:

As a side note, we are preparing to release version 1.1 in August. This new version will require Java 1.4, which will not run under RedHat 7.3. Does NOAA have plans to support later versions of RedHat with the latest versions of gcc?

See my retractment of this statement in my response to Ken.

What version of RedHat will it run under?  Or will it not run under RedHat
Linux at all, rather it will only run on Linux Enterprise?

Sorry for the confusion.  I believe it will run under 7.3
and higher, including Fedora.  I'm running it on 9.0 and
another developer is running under Fedora Core 1.  We had some
problems with the SMP kernal under Fedora, but these seem to
be fixed with the latest updates.  Unfortunately we no longer
have any 7.X boxes around to test.  Sun's compatibility page
for 1.4.2 is at:

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