Re: [gembud] GEMPAK going away in 3-5 years?

In summary (time to end this topic), I realize that CSBF has always been a rather unique Unidata member in that we straddle the operational and research worlds..we do both. I do not know how unique we are in the sense that we don't have a true CS person on staff. I know I spent years trying to get pretty good at writing complex csh/sh scripts for McIDAS and GEMPAK in order for us to access data from remote locations like Antarctic. That work could not have been done without the assistance of you Don, Tom, Chiz, Robb Kambic, Steve Emmerson, Matt and everyone at SSEC and numerous folks from the various Unidata mailing lists.

All that I would ask (and maybe if there are other folks like me that are wearing 3 or 4 different hats and no being a programmer) is that Unidata provide some tools for us to use to transition all those scripts into whatever form we need to get IDV/new McIDAS/AWIPS2 to have the same capability. I wouldn't anticipate any isuses on getting data decoding, GUI setups with any of those. That has always been the easy part. It's the customized stuff behind the scenes that always been most difficult.

Thanks again for the all input, and sorry if this topic grew out of hand.

Robert Mullenax

Robert Mullenax
Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility
Senior Meteorologist/Weather Systems Administrator
1510 E. FM 3224
Palestine, Texas 75803

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