Re: [gembud] GEMPAK going away in 3-5 years?

While I really don't want to see Gempak go away, I'm ranching out a bit.  I've 
been real impressed with IDV so far, although there are several holes in it.  
I've also been pretty well impressed with NCL after spending this week with it 
almost exclusively.

I've also heard more (and in a way, less, about AWIPS2 as I worked on Storm 
Based Warnings over the last two years.


Rob Dale wrote:
There's a nice presentation on it from late last year

And one from NCEP presented in the fall:

I don't see the words going away in there, I just think that 1) it's
an unknown entity right now and 2) might be more complex than just
downloading a new binary so 3) if you want to be sure you can read
GEMPAK files in 10 years, you=92ll be safe with IDV

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