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Enhancing the netCDF C++ Library and the Siphon Package

Aodhan Sweeney
Aodhan Sweeney

This summer at Unidata I worked on expanding functionality for both the netCDF C++ library and the Python data access tool Siphon. Previously, the netCDF C++ library was lacking important functionality that was included in other netCDF libraries. Fortunately, adding this functionality is a straightforward process. I created function wrappers in the C++ library that would call previously made functions in the C library. This allows those working in a C++ framework to continue to use the netCDF libraries without sacrificing additional functionality.

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Converting Ugly Text to Beautiful Maps:
Adding METAR Support in MetPy

Max Grover
Max Grover

The primary task that I completed this summer was adding METAR functionality to MetPy. METAR stands for METeorological Aerodrome Report. METARs contain information about surface data including temperature, dew point, wind speed and direction, and several other meteorological variables. Prior to this summer, MetPy did not have the ability to parse METARs. Also, the current parser that is used to generate netCDF files on the Unidata THREDDS server had a substantial amount of missing data. By adding METAR parsing tools, we made additional surface data available to the user, making it easier to make high quality surface maps using MetPy.

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Working on Cross Sections in MetPy with xarray

Jon Thielen
Jon Thielen

During this past summer at Unidata, I worked primarily on MetPy by implementing cross section functionality and improving xarray integration. The ability to work with cross sections in MetPy has been frequently requested by users, and it was one of the major features present in GEMPAK but still missing from MetPy. Also, since MetPy is moving towards having xarray DataArrays and Datasets as its primary data structures, the development team thought it best to implement the new cross section interpolation and supporting calculations using xarray.

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My Summer of Improving the TDS Web Interface

Hailey Johnson
Hailey Johnson

During my time here at Unidata, I’ve focused on extending the THREDDS Data Server (TDS) web interface and services. I spend the first few weeks of the summer redesigning the interface to be more intuitive to end users and implementing UI changes using Thymeleaf HTML templating. The new TDS catalog pages are designed with a “plug-and-play” structure, allowing users to override or insert their own contributed HTML, which is processed by a server-side Thymeleaf template resolver.

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Exploring Python as an Interface to Unidata Technologies

An example EdexPy interface (click to enlarge)

It is hard to believe my time here at Unidata has come and gone so quickly! Next week, I imagine it will be back to the “harsh” reality of being a student — sitting on a beach somewhere near Monterey or perhaps fly fishing the Sierras over the next twenty days awaiting the start of my first year of graduate school at San Jose State. What a terrible reality that will be!

This experience at Unidata and UCAR has been an incredible opportunity and I am privileged to have been afforded these ten weeks. When I started here, I envisioned an entirely different internship than what previous interns had completed. Rather than developing one particular project, I focused my time on gaining a greater understanding of software engineering as a whole and contributing to existing Unidata projects. I found a comfortable spot working with Unidata Python developers Ryan May and Sean Arms, and within one week I had learned a great deal about unit testing, code health, automated testing, and version control. Later, I would implement these principles in my first Python library, MesoPy.

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Unidata Developer's Blog
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