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[UDUNITS #SHN-992901]: download of sources for old UDUNITS versions no longer works

Dear Kenneth,

A sufficient number of users (2) have asked for this, so older versions will no 
longer be removed from now on.

Replacing previously-removed tarballs, however, might take a while.

> Although I understand your point of view (making old versions
> unavailable because they had bugs), you should be aware that this causes
> significant problems in contexts where software versions are fixed for
> some reason (as big one being reproducibility).
> Also, I'm pretty sure the current version also has bugs (but they
> haven't been discovered yet); there's no such thing as bug free software...
> BTW, this approach doesn't push people to new versions at all imho, it
> just causes them to swear on the project, and resort to other means
> instead (by using "mirrors" where the old version is still available,
> see https://github.com/easybuilders/easybuild-easyconfigs/pull/12020 for
> example).
> In addition, disappearing source tarballs make the project look really
> bad, in my experience. It seems like you're trying to sweep something
> under the rug, and it results in lots of setups breaking all of a sudden.
> Please reconsider this approach, and consider restoring access to source
> tarballs for previous versions.

Steve Emmerson

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