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[UDUNITS #XLB-595667]: Isotope conversions in the UDUNITS package


Sounds intriguing.

Do you know what a use case is? If so, would you please describe one as an 

> Hello,
> I've been reviewing some of the documentation and the units database 
> associated with the UDUNITS package and noticed a gap related to 
> isotope-specific units and conversions. Given the utility of isotopes in 
> atmospheric science, and scientific inquiry more generally, I was wondering 
> if I might propose additional functionality related to stable isotopes, as 
> well the conversion between different isotope units.
> Problem statement:
> Isotope units are a bit of a mess. That is, we often use delta values (which 
> has both a permille and proportional version) for papers, presentations, 
> etc., but then do our actual calculations in isotope ratios, fractional 
> abundance, and sometimes atomic percent. And this is discounting radioactive 
> isotopes, which seem to have their own units (e.g., tritium units).
> The conversions between these various units are fairly straight forward, but 
> requires attention to: 1) the element of interest (e.g., Oxygen vs Hydrogen), 
> 2) the isotope of interest (e.g., 18-O vs 17-O), 3) the standard being used 
> (e.g., VSMOW vs VPDB -- some isotopes have multiple standards; these have 
> been developed by the International Atomic Energy Authority and the World 
> Meteorological Organization) and 4) the specifications of the standard 
> (they've changed a little over time). Further, when working with standards, 
> there are some uncertainties associated with the outputs. It would be nice to 
> preserve these uncertainties, but this is not mission critical.
> Proposal:
> Given the above, I am wondering if I might be able to work with you all to 
> provide information related to isotope units and converting between these 
> units in the UDUNITS package.
> Thanks for your time and I hope to hear back from you in the near future.

Steve Emmerson

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