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[UDUNITS #OTA-964622]: udunits2 error message


Are you executing the program "testUnits" and getting an error or are you
executing code that you extracted from that program? If the former, then
the package's unit-test has a serious problem. If the latter, then you likely
didn't extract sufficient context for the test (previous modifications to the 
variable "unitSystem" come to mind).

> Apologies for troubling you again...
> I'm having some problems using the time related functions from udunits2.
> From the test script supplied along with the distribution, executing the
> highlighted code gives me this error 'galileanInitConverterFromProduct():
> No "second" unit defined'
> static void
> test_utNewBaseUnit(void)
> {
> ..........
> second = ut_new_base_unit(unitSystem);
> CU_ASSERT_PTR_NULL(ut_offset_by_time(second,
> ut_encode_time(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0)));
> CU_ASSERT_EQUAL(ut_get_status(), UT_NO_SECOND);
> ..........
> }
> "second' is not NULL but it appears that  second->common.system->second
> == NULL, which is probably why the error shows.
> I'm simply executing the supplied test script but it's probably incomplete.
> Does something else need to be initialized/set?
> What am I missing in the test script?

Steve Emmerson

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