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[UDUNITS #MZK-350035]: building udunits 2.2.24 on windows with VS2013


> No luck so far with configure. I also tried moving expat to a folder without 
> spaces in the name but that didn’t work either. I will keep trying different 
> combinations.
> Meanwhile, I went ahead with the CMake version and generated my VS solution
> Added in the missing udunits-1.c & udunits.h as you suggested.
> Everything builds fine with a few minor tweaks.
> However, my test results with both udunits-1 and udunits2 don’t seem right, 
> so I suspect something is not hooked up right.
> Using udunits-1
> I suspect there’s something missing in ut_get_path_xml() because *status is 
> never going to be UT_SUCCESS there. So the logic in ut_read_xml() always sets 
> unitSystem to NULL.
> I tried forcing status = UT_SUCCESS in a debug trace but utIni() did not seem 
> to do anything and subsequent calls to utScan() were returning non-zero which 
> I assume are errors.
> Using udunits2
> After these 2 lines
> ut_system *unitSystem = ut_new_system();
> double      timeval = ut_encode_time(2001, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0);
> unitSystem is non-null which seems ok, but timeval = 0, which does not seem 
> right.

The above will create an empty unit-system, which will be useless.

Is the environment variable UDUNITS2_XML_PATH set to the pathname of the 
UDUNITS-2 database (file "udunits2.xml")? If not, then set it and try again.

Steve Emmerson

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