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[UDUNITS #AKI-804770]: Support for 'ppv' unit


> Many thanks for your response. Knowing that the unit will arrive in a future 
> version helps us a lot, since it allows us to then better defend to the users 
> of our software that we can introduce it.

Well... you can *always* add additional, non-"official" units to the database.
I'd recommend creating the file "udunits2-local.xml" and importing it in the
file "udunits2.xml". The new units just won't be in the official distribution.

> If you are open to other feedback on the library, could you then maybe have a 
> look at https://github.com/stcorp/harp/tree/master/udunits2 ?
> In the README we have described the changes with regard to version 2.2.20.
> The changes cover several aspects:
> - eliminating compiler warnings
> - making sure that we don't run into potential symbol name clashes with 
> exported symbols. The clean way to do this is to give all exported symbols 
> from a library the same prefix. This is already the case for most udunits2 
> symbols, but not everywhere. This is why, for instance, the 'ut' prefix is 
> introduced for the yacc/flex files.
> - allowing the code to be build with both autotools and CMake. This means 
> that .c files cannot be used as include files (which explains the changes we 
> made for scanner.c).
> Any of these changes that you could incorporate in a future version would be 
> highly appreciated.

I'll take a look.

Steve Emmerson

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