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[UDUNITS #BUK-910616]: ut_get_name() returning NULL?


Could it truly be that simple?

Would you please do me a favor and pull the name and symbol for "pound" outside 
the "aliases" tag, add some tests for the symbol to your test, re-run your 
test, and send me the output.

> Steve,
> What would be the ramifications of pulling the
> <name> <singular>pound</singular> </name>
> outside the <aliases> </aliases> tags in the XML file?
> This fixes the problem in that
> ut_get_name(ut_get_unit_by_name(theUnitSystem, "pound"))
> will now return "pound". _But does this break anything?_
> I don't quite get that "theUnitSystem" is the SI system of
> units. Many many non-SI units are defined in it and it will take
> most anything as input and convert both into and out of SI units
> or completely outside of SI like converting drams to pounds.
> Thanks,
> David

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: BUK-910616
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