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[UDUNITS #QQU-811431]: Requesting new units


> Yes, we are using netCDF3 with many of the CF conventions.

In that case, I see two other options, either of which might be better than 
adding "unitless" and "sccm" to the official units database: 1) create a new 
view of the netCDF files with the correct units via the netCDF translation 
language (whose name, unfortunately, escapes me at the moment); and 2) add 
those units to your own copy of the database (the database comprises multiple 
XML files and is editable).

I've CC'ed someone who knows about creating new views. Hopefully, they'll 

> Ken
> Kenneth E. Kehoe
> Research Associate
> ARM Climate Research Facility Data Quality Office
> Office: 303-497-4754
> Cell: xxx-xxx-xxx

Steve Emmerson

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