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[UDUNITS #UJC-466706]: descriptions for UDUNITS


> Great Steve! It will be interesting to see if anyone else does any different 
> parsing, but I'd be surprised.
> I've started this work. Also I am taking the liberty of moving or copying the 
> comments into tags or attributes as appropriate. I imagine these also will be 
> ignored by those that aren't looking for them. Please consider this a 
> proposal for your consideration.
> You can see the changes so far at
> https://github.com/graybealski/UDUNITS-2/commit/4feaf155d8ac0c9ba7e6410bf1dfaf3a8b77c902
> if you want. (I'm working on a branch of my clone of my fork....)
> The pattern for comments that I've adopted is that a comment that applies to 
> an entire unit is in a <comment> tag, while one that applies to a specific 
> part of a unit (e.g., an alias or symbol) is in a comment="" attribute for 
> that entity.

That seems reasonable.

Steve Emmerson

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