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[UDUNITS #KQP-261322]: no configure file in UDUNITS 2.2.2


Version 2.2.2 did have a problem with the automake(1)-based build and the 
CMake-based installation of the previous release of version 2.2.4 didn't 
install file "converter.h".

The latest release of version 2.2.4 should have both these problems fixed.

I want to thank you for being such a good tester of version 2.2, which uses a 
new continuous-delivery pipeline. I'm sure you didn't want this dubious honor, 
but your sacrifices have helped ensure a better product for all who come after 

> Hi Steve,
> I'm afraid that didn't quite work, a missing Makefile I think, and even 
> aclocal; autoconf; automake didn't create the Makefile.  However, the Cmake 
> build process was OK (once I had learned how to put the installed files not 
> in the standard places) so I'm not too concerned about using configure.  You 
> can decide what to do about this.
> The problem now is that there is no converter.h file installed.  It is in the 
> distribution but not put into the installation.  I don't know if this is a 
> feature (programs shouldn't be using converter.h?) but the Ncview package 
> requires it to build.  You may want to check with the Ncview developer.
> In the meantime I am using 2.1.24 which builds (it would be useful to have 
> the CUnit package location settable with a configure option but I'm just 
> assuming UDUNITS all works!) and can be used with Ncview.
> Mark
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> Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

Steve Emmerson

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