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[netCDF #WUT-401493]: udunits on windows?


Know all persons by these presents that

    * UDUNITS is used by lots of netCDF-ers; and
    * A lot of netCDF-ers use Windows (shudder!); and
    * The netCDF package builds under windows using CMake(1);
    * It might be possible to port the UDUNITS-2 package to CMake(1) and 

Be it therefore resolved that:
    I'll give it a go after I release the next LDM version (which should be 
this week).

> Good afternoon Rich,
> Udunits2 is maintained by Steven Emmerson (cc'd on this message).
> Currently, the only way to build udunits2 is through an autotools-based
> build chain, not typically available in the standard Windows
> environment.  It is possible to build udunits2 in cygwin on Windows.
> Steve might be able to provide additional insight into building udunits2
> on Windows, or when this might be possible.
> Have a great weekend,
> -Ward

Steve Emmerson

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