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[UDUNITS #LPP-247965]: UDUNITS 2 Fortran 2003 interface


> here is my first cut
> f_udunits_2.inc : an include file used by f_udunits_2.f90
> f_udunits_2.f90 : the FORTRAN module itself
> test_f_udunits_2.f90 : a little test program to exercise some parts of
> the interface

Great! Thanks!

> PLS contact me if there are questions
> i added udunits_statuses.c, an idiot program to produce status values
> from the original c library (goes into the .inc file)
> I have a question
> from my little test:
> COMPARE km/hour with km/hour =            0 , same system = T
> COMPARE km/hour with m/second =            1 , same system = T
> COMPARE km/hour with 2 knots =           -1 , same system = T
> COMPARE m/second with 2 knots =           -1 , same system = T
> km/hour is equal to km/hour OK
> km/hour is smaller than 2 knots, OK
> m/s smaller than 2 knots OK
> km/h is larger than m/second ????

The ut_compare() function isn't meant to indicate that one unit is "bigger" 
than another: it's for sorting units into, for example, a tree structure.

Steve Emmerson

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