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[netCDF #MFB-454222]: ut_encode_date(year,month,day) + ut_encode_clock subroutines

Dear Khaled,

> I had successfully downloaded a data file of nc extensions.
> I wrote an IDL code to extract it. I had got
>  time date of 8 digits numbers. I can not convert it to readable format i.e. 
> in calendar format.
> I would like to read double ut_encode_time subroutine and 
> ut_encode_date+ ut_encode_clock
> >could you please send them to me

What is the unit of the double-precision values? It should be given in an 
attribute of the associated netCDF variable.

> >my Best wishes
> >
> Khaled Megahed, PhD in Atmospheric Science
> Al-Azhar University
> Faculty of Science
> Department of Astronomy and Meteorology
> Nasr City
> Cairo
> Egypt.

Steve Emmerson

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