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[UDUNITS #FLZ-896534]: compilation errors for udunits.inc on SUN with f90


> I think I am close to get readgeneral.F compiled on our SUN Solaris 10
> but I get the following
> compilation errors (listed under ERRORS trial 1 heading below).
> If I change the #define line in udunits.inc  to     integer*4
> I get the errors under ERRORS trial 2.   It seems to want some pointer
> declarations in Fortran but I have no clue how to do that.
> Help?
> Thanks,
> Steve
> ERRORS trial 2
> =======================================
> $ f90 -fixed readgen*F
> integer*4 UD_POINTER
> ^
> "/mp0/piper/udunits.inc", Line = 26, Column = 13: ERROR: Unknown
> statement.  Expected assignment statement but found "*" instead of "="
> or "=>".

This error shouldn't have occurred. Please send me the file "udunits.inc" that 
cause this error.

> ERRORS trial 1
> =======================================
> $ f90 -fixed readgen*F90
> #define UD_POINTER      integer*4
> ^
> "/usr/local/udunits/include/udunits.inc", Line = 25, Column = 1:
> ERROR: The characters found in the label field are not valid.
> ^

In this trial, the f90 compiler didn't preprocess the file "udunits.inc". Try 
changing the name of the file to "udunits.F" to see if that will cause 
preprocessing. You'll also have to change the "include" lines in readgeneral.F 
to match.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: FLZ-896534
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