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[UDUNITS #BAC-946054]: UDUnits -- trying to find a list of valid units and prefixes


> Yes....but....I did send a note around to a few of our scientists to
> check on the name/symbol question.  The only feedback I have so far is
> that not only is "ppm" needed, but "ppmv" as well,

Not sure if I'm ready to embrace "ppmv" -- for the reasons already mentioned.

> as explified not
> only in a bunch of files we just got from NASA,

Shame on NASA!

Are the files in netCDF format? If so, then the units can be translated using 

> but also in things
> like the chart at:
> (ref: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmosphere_of_Earth#Composition>).

I feel like a parent responding to their child's imprecation to be allowed to 
do something because "All my friends do!" by saying "And if all your friends 
ran off a cliff, would you too?".

> Let's wait a day to see if any one comments on name vs. symbol,
> otherwise:  thank you!!!!

I've already added "ppm", "ppb", "ppt", and "ppq" as symbols. I'll wait for 
your feedback before releasing a new version, however.

> tom
> --
> Tom Whittaker
> University of Wisconsin-Madison
> Space Science & Engineering Center (SSEC)
> Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS)
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Steve Emmerson

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