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[UDUNITS #MZJ-180852]: udunits question molecules/cm^2


> And how does udunits treat a variable that is unitless (such as variable with
> bit encoded quality flags)?

The UDUNITS package handles unit specifications: it doesn't handle physical 
quantities (i.e., variables). Having said that, I've seen netCDF files where 
the unit attribute was "1", "", or didn't exist.

> I've seen advocates that say you should omit the
> units attribute altogether, but this may be inconsistent if I'm looking for
> units attributes and for those types of variables it is missing.

The netCDF package allows you to determine if a units attributes exists for a 

> If you put in
> null string "" as units, what happens?

The empty string is interpreted by the UDUNITS package a the dimensionless unit 

Steve Emmerson

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