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[UDUNITS #SJT-401280]: Problem converting "days since ..." YYYY/MM


> Thank you for your response Steve. Yes, when it's done, I'd like to
> contribute it to Unidata.
> I've written a program to read a binary file containing gridded data
> and write it to a netCDF file for easier handling. I want to encode
> the time variable to conform to CF conventions. The time series begins
> in January 1880 and I want the units to be "days since 1880-01-01".

Then just set the "units" attribute for the time variable to "days since 
1880-01-01". Programs that read the data can easily convert the time values 
using UDUNITS-2 converter objects, if necessary.

> As a side note, I wrote and somewhat tested an F2003 interface to the
> old udunits package. It's able to get done what I need to get done,
> but I'd like to accomplish the same thing in the new udunits package.

The UDUNIT-2 package is much better than the original UDUNITS package.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: SJT-401280
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