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[Support #JVS-291358]: Udunits2: Problem with ut_parse/ut_get_status


> When I try to parse the unit "meter @ 100 @ 10" using
> ut_parse a NULL pointer is returned. It is normal according
> to the grammar, the unit should have been written as
> "(meter @100) @ 10".

ut_get_status() after parsing the string "meter @ 100 @ 10" should return 
UT_SYNTAX.  It doesn't and that's a bug.

I've fixed this bug and will have a new package out this afternoon.

Thanks for reporting this.

> But my program try to explain why there is an error by
> using the ut_get_status() function. I filter UT_SYNTAX
> and UT_UNKNOWN which are user errors from others
> which are 'system' or 'program' error.
> But what is returned by ut_get_status() is UT_SUCCESS.
> Is it normal, or do I miss something ?
> Thanks again,
> Philippe
> --
> Philippe Poilbarbe - CLS Space Oceanography Division

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: JVS-291358
Department: Support UDUNITS
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