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[Support #ATY-776694]: [udunits] Compiler-Error in udunits2 with compatibility include-file of udunits


> I have now made some small tests. The problem is, that you use the name
> ut_unit twice, once as typedef and once as variablename:
> typedef struct utUnit {
> ut_unit*            ut_unit;
> } utUnit;

That's allowed in C.  I guess the g++ compiler is more restrictive.

> If you change the second ut_unit with something else (e.g.  ut_Unit),
> this works nicely as interface. But you will also need to change your
> files udunits-1.c:
> perl -pi.bak -e 's/->ut_unit/->ut_Unit/g;' udunits-1.c
> And of course, I don't know if anybody outside did rely upon
> utUnit->ut_unit , but I doubt it since the utUnit struct has been
> changed since udunits-1 anyway.

I changed the member's name from "ut_unit" to "unit2".  This will be in the 
next release.

> Best regards,
> Heiko

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: ATY-776694
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