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[UDUNITS #MGE-245661]: perl-package for udunits2? debian packages?


> I've been using the perl-package of udunits for a while now. Have you
> heard about somebody starting a perl-package of udunits2? Since udunits
> is now deprecated, I will need to find a replacement in the long run.

I know that Debian is working on a UDUNITS-2 package as part of their 
scientific and engineering group of packages.  I don't know how far along they 
are.  See <http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/udunits_2.1.7-1.html>.  You might 
also contact the Debian science co-ordinator, Alastair McKinstry 

> Are you going to create a binary distribution, i.e. debian package?

No.  We've discussed this and concluded that the cost of creating binary 
packages for all the platforms that we support outweighs the benefits.

> When are you going to stop support for the old udunits?

Probably in 7 years, when I retire.  ;-)

> Best regards,
> Heiko
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Steve Emmerson

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