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[UDUNITS #AXH-450115]: Unit alias name in udunits2


> I was recently looking at udunits and experimenting with the library
> interface and wondered about one of the unit alias names.
> In udunits version 1, the symbol 'lbf' was associated with a
> force_pound and a kip was defined as 1000 lbf. So in interactive mode:
> You have: kip
> You want:
> Definition: "4448.2216152605 kilogram meter second-2"
> However, in udunits 2, I see that lbf is now the symbol for force_ton,
> although kip is still defined as 1000 lbf. So in interactive mode:
> udunits2: Using default XML database
> You have: kip
> You want:
> 8896443.230521 m.kg.s-2
> You have:
> I was only really interested in lbf as I haven't seen this used as a
> symbol for force_ton, and other units utilities on various unices
> all report lbf as 4.448222e +00 m-kg/sec2
> I just wondered if there a particular reason for the changed definition
> of lbf in version 2?

When searching for a reason, never overlook stupidity.  :-)

I've made a new release (v2.7.8) with "lbf" equal to "force_pound".

Thanks for sending this in.

> Steve
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Steve Emmerson

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