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[UDUNITS #NDS-204592]: udunits(3): syntax error:


> Yes. That was the same code that worked before on Mandrake Linux and PGI
> Compilers.
> Now that I remember, udunits didn't go through the make successfully
> without the -DpgiFortran flag. I had a problem earlier with unresolved
> intrinsics with the udunits library, so I used the following command
> (similar to netCDF) to run configure and build the udunits successfully.
> ./configure --prefix=/var/local/udunits --enable-f77 --enable-f90
> LDFLAGS=-lifcore CPPFLAGS="-DNDEBUG -DpgiFortran"

The options you specified to the configure(1) script will result in a 
successful build.  The "--enable-f77" and "--enable-f90" options were ignored, 

> However, now I am running into this problem. I am thinking of building
> udunits with gcc instead of icc and compile my program with ifort with gcc
> compatibility. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on this.

I suspect that switching to gcc(1) won't solve the problem (but please try) 
because I suspect the problem is due to a change in ifort(1)'s calling 
conventions.  If switching doesn't work, then would you please

1. Go into the "src/lib" directory.

2. Execute the command "make utlib.i" -- redirecting both the standard output 
and standard error streams into the file "utlib.log".

3. Send me the files "utlib.log" and "utlib.i".

> Thanks,
> Daniel.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: NDS-204592
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