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[UDUNITS #KBN-302240]: proposed celsius/fahrenheit additions to IOOS DIF unitsOfMeasureDictionary.xml


> Hope your recovering!

I am feeling better.  Thanks.

> Here is what I propose to initially suggest to the IOOS DIF group on how
> we should be adding degC and degF to our unitsOfMeasureDictionary.xml.
> Trying to hunt down definitions for all this stuff didn't get me vary
> far.  All roads seem to lead back to:
> http://vast.uah.edu/downloads/sensorML/v1.0/xmlDoc/SensorML_UnitDefinition.html
> or
> ams_csml.pdf has a curious example writeup (Page 6: Figure 4)
> Most items were straight forward.  The only one that would allow me to
> place all the available UDUNITS2 aliases is gml:name.  This raises a
> quandary about how these get linked up to the SOS OBSERVEDPROPERTIES.
> That is more our problem.
> Does the proposed additions look to be proper representation of items
> from the udunits2 database?   I welcome any/all suggestions.

There are some things about the UDUNITS-2 package that might affect
your effort (you're in a better position to judge that I am).  They

1. The UDUNITS-2 package makes a distinction between unit
names and unit symbols.  For names, comparisons are case-insensitive;
whereas they are case-sensitive for symbols.

2. The UDUNITS-2 package allows underscores to be replaced with non-
breaking spaces so that, for example, the HTML strings "degrees_Celsius"
and "degrees Celsius" would both map to the same unit (after the 
HTML was converted to UTF-8).

Otherwise, what you have looks OK to me, but you have to understand that
I don't know GML.

> The goal is to make sure that this SOS service (and data flowing through
> it) honors some sort of units standard.  If it does, then we already have
> some nice infrastructure to do some nice conversions.
> There may be lots of iterations on this.  Once I propose this to the
> group, the way units are represented might get modified.  I'd rather beat
> that bees nest now before things get to the point where it is too late.
> If the structure is changed, I'll be back with different items to look at.
> Thanks,
> Rob

Steve Emmerson

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