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[UDUNITS #FOM-224333]: Where I can get the 'udunits.inc' file? Thanks.


> Thanks again, Steve!  Ted is already out of office today.  I've
> already tried hard installing both "udunits-2.1.3" (yesterday) and
> "udunits-1.12.9" (earlier today suggested by you), and neither has
> been worked so far for readgeneral.f.  Frankly, to install a new
> utility has always been my weakest link as a career research
> scientist (I've no problem dealing with all kinds of numerical
> modeling).  Back to your previous question:
> >
> >Where is the head(1) utility on your system?  Is your PATH environment
> >variable correctly set?  Do you have a full development environment?
> What is this head(1) utility?  I may try to look for it in my system.

head(1) is the standard UNIX utility for copying the first lines
of a file.  It's described at

The point is that it (and other utilities) *must* exist on any system
that's at least trying to be UNIX-like.

Check your PATH environment variable.  Perhaps some system directory
(the one containing the head(1) utility) needs to be added to it
(e.g., /bin, /usr/bin, /sbin, /usr/sbin, /opt/bin).

Or, it could be that the operating-system on your computer was installed

> Thanks,
> Chung-Lin

Steve Emmerson

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