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[UDUNITS #ENF-483170]: python/php module; udunits2-common.xml; ioos dif standard units of measure


[I'm convalescing from a viral infection, so please forgive any

> In addition to the minimal python module boilerplate, I've also been
> tinkering with a PHP udunits module as well.  I can send that along when
> I get it working.

That would be great!

> The PHP module will help us immensely to convert
> units.  Right now we invoke a soap service to convert units in PHP.
> (funny convoluted way we do that, but it works).

Relatively sloowww!!!  But doable.

> Noticed some stray quotation marks in at least udunits2-common.xml that
> appears in some singular entries.  Does a " trigger something?
> <unit>
> <def>(1200/3937) m></def>
> <aliases>
> <name>
> <singular>US_survey_foot"</singular>
> <plural>US_survey_feet</plural>
> </name>
> </aliases>
> </unit>
> <unit>
> <def>12 international_inches</def>
> <aliases>
> <name>
> <singular>international_foot"</singular>
> <plural>international_feet</plural>
> </name>

When searching for a reason, never overlook stupidity.  :-)

They're typos.  I've fixed them and will make a new release ASAP.

Thanks for finding this.

> Lastly, IOOS is proceeding with development/implementation of various web
> services.  They are moving towards CF compliance.  CF implies a
> reasonable units vocabulary, I think it even suggests udunits.   Is there
> a SensorML representation of the available UDUNITS2 vocabulary?

Not yet.

> A single unit of measure has been defined in the NOAA DIF at present for
> psu:
> http://www.csc.noaa.gov/ioos/schema/IOOS-DIF/IOOS/0.6.1/dictionaries/unitsOfMeasureDictionary.xml
> I believe this dictionary is to be further developed at some point in the
> future.  I would really like to make sure the bulk of the udunits
> vocabulary is used.  If there are SensorML definitions out there, then we
> can simply add them to the above dictionary.  If not, I'd like to quickly
> establish udunits in the above dictionary in the short term.
> If we are starting from scratch (no SensorML description exists), I'd
> like to coordinate the effort with one or more folks at Unidata and then
> submit it to our IOOS DIF group for consideration.

Sounds like an excellent idea.

> Thanks much!
> Rob

Steve Emmerson

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