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[Support #GWR-559570]: Problems Building udunits-1.12.9 on CentOS 5.2


> It appears that my error was in specifying the directive:
> export CPPFLAGS='-Df2cFortran'
> as a part of the configure command line, thus:
> CPPFLAGS='-Df2cFortran'; CC=/usr/bin/gcc; CFLAGS='-O \
> -fno-builtin'; PERL=/usr/bin/perl; FC=g77; FFLAGS=-O; \
> ./configure
> This syntax is often used for building things like apache.
> Didn't work this time.

The semicolons prevented the "configure" script from seeing the variable
settings because the shell would have made them into shell variables 
rather than environment variables (due to the semicolons).  The following
would have worked:

CPPFLAGS='-Df2cFortran' CC=/usr/bin/gcc CFLAGS='-O \
-fno-builtin' PERL=/usr/bin/perl FC=g77 FFLAGS=-O \

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: GWR-559570
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