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[UDUNITS #IOJ-410264]: building UDUNITS under Cygwin


> This is a follow-up to a previous problem archived at:
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/support/help/MailArchives/udunits/msg00384.ht
> ml
> A similar problem has arisen when trying to build UDUNITS v1.12.9 under
> Cygwin. The file utparse.c isn't in this package (as it was in v1.12.4)
> so the solution(s) suggested in the above archive don't work. Cygwin
> still doesn't have yacc in it's pantheon of tools, so the .c file can't
> be built from the .y as it would under a true Linux system (where yacc
> is likely to be standard).
> Copying utparse.c from  v1.12.4 to v1.12.9 allows the build to complete,
> but of course this isn't a proper solution. Could a pre-converted
> utparse.c file please be included in the distro as for previous
> versions? (Or perhaps it was just accidentally omitted?).

Oh how I wish the solution was that simple.

The problem is that yacc(1) output is specific to the system on which
it runs: it can and does emit all kinds of environment-specific code.
Thus, the output of any one yacc(1) utility won't fit all environments.
This is why "utparse.c" was removed from the distribution.

The yacc(1) utility is required to be a part of any POSIX-conforming
development environment.  Have you considered informing the Cygwin
folks of this omission?

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Steve Emmerson

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