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[UDUNITS #PPR-301422]: Help,how to install install UDUNITS

Dear Liu Guangping,

> Thank you for your help! I have succeeded to install UDUNITS package 
> .However,I've got problems compiling 'readgeneral.f' from CDC. The error file 
> is in attachment.
> I have tried to change
> include '/usr/local/src/udunits/include/udunits.inc'
> to
> #include "/usr/local/src/udunits/include/udunits.inc"
> But,that also can't.

Because Fortran-77 does not have a standard mechanism for including
other files, the file "udunits.inc" is designed to be included by
the Fortran preprocessor (which is the same as the C preprocessor).
This means that the file "readgeneral.f" should use the following

#include <udunits.inc>

Also, the Fortran compiler, g77, should be told to preprocess the
file "readgeneral.f".  This can be done by renaming the file to
"readgeneral.F" and by using the option "-I$UDUNITS_INSTALL/include"
--- where $UDUNITS_INSTALL is the installation directory of the 
UDUNITS package. 

So, do the following: 1) modify the "include" statements in the
file; 2) rename the file; and 3) use g77's "-I..." option.

> Thank you very much!  Hoping to hear from you soon.Wish best regards! Yours 
> respectfully,Liu Guangping
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Steve Emmerson

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