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[UDUNITS #QKV-165487]: udunits 1.12.4 bus error


> I tried it and it does not work. The best runaround I've found is to
> use the standard FORTRAN directives in my code and comment out the
> #define command in the udunits.inc file.

That will work.  Unfortunately, it's not portable.

> Instead I just define utmake
> as an integer*4. Now I have no errors. Normally a C header file is
> included in FORTRAN using #include and I would expect it to have
> the .h extension. If it has the .inc extension I would think that it
> would be a FORTRAN include file. For instance all the commands in
> netcdf.inc are FORTRAN preprocessor commands (or at least are
> understood by the FORTRAN pre-compiler). udunits.inc seems to be a
> mix of C and FORTRAN commands...

The file "udunits.inc" is a mixture of preprocessor directives and
Fortran statements.  It is designed to be included by the Fortran
preprocessor before the Fortran compiler ever sees the code.  This
was the only portable solution because the Fortran-77 Standard
doesn't specify any mechanism for including other files.  Various
compiler vendors have come up with various solutions, but none of
them are (or were, at least) portable.

> Anyway, I'll go with my edited udunits.inc file for now. I'm
> surprised that no other FORTRAN programmers have run into this issue??

Other Fortran programmers haven't had this issue because they
use preprocessor include directives rather than non-standard
Fortran include statements.

> I appreciate your time today, Yolande

Good luck.

Steve Emmerson

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