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[UDUNITS #QKV-165487]: udunits 1.12.4 bus error


> ok, I'm assuming there is a debug option for the configure command??

Set the CFLAGS environment variable to "-g" before executing the
"configure" script.  A standard-shell example for you would be

CFLAGS=-g CPPFLAGS=-Df2cFortran ./configure ... >configure.log 2>&1

If you don't want the Perl interface, then also set the PERL
environment variable to the empty string.

> also, what is strange is that when I compile and run other code I
> have that calls utcaltime I do not get an error.

I take it that this other code is written in Fortran and includes the
same "udunits.inc" file.  That is odd.

> if this is the case,
> do you think it is still necessary to rebuild udunits (which I was
> barely able to pull off).

I'm afraid so.

> I've checked and in both FORTRAN codes the
> first argument is a double precision variable (even though the
> udunits.inc suggests it should be a real).

That suggestion is a mistake.  I've corrected it.

> All other arguments are of
> the same type as well. There seems to be a sizeof() option for my gnu
> FORTRAN compiler but I can't get it to work...
> thanks, Yolande

Steve Emmerson

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