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[UDUNITS #QKV-165487]: udunits 1.12.4 bus error


> I am working on a PowerPC Mac G5 dual processor 64-bit machine
> running OS X 10.4.11 and have recently installed hdf4 on my machine
> in order to read hdf4 data. I have a FORTRAN program for reading the
> Quikscat data which can compile and run fine using g77, so my hdf4
> installation seems to be working. I can also compile and run my
> FORTRAN code for reading netcdf data and using udunits for the times
> in those files without any trouble. However, when I try to include
> netcdf and/or udunits with my hdf4 libraries in one code I seem to
> have trouble. I can compile the code but get a bus error when I call
> utcaltime().
> I saw one suggestion in your archives for an IRIX 64-bit machine that
> had a similar problem but when I looked at udunits.inc in my /sw/
> include directory I did not have the same setup. The suggestion was
> to change integer to integer*8 where a generic integer is defined but
> my .inc file uses integer*4 specifically. I've tried changing this to
> *8 and changing my code to *8 but get the same problem. I'm attaching
> my udunits.inc file.
> Any ideas?

How large are pointers in your programming environment?  What, for
example, does the following program output when compiled in the
same way as your netCDF and UDUNITS libraries?

#include <stdio.h>
int main(){(void)printf("%lu\n",(unsigned long)sizeof(void*));return 0;}

> Thank you, Yolande
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> Department of Atmospheric Science
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> University of Arizona
> Tucson, AZ 85721-0081
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Steve Emmerson

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