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[Support #VCN-568614]: User guide on UDUNITS


> Thanks! The man command works.

Glad to hear it.  Note that a C interface also exists.

> I have a further question on utopen().  A simple
> ercode = utopen('')
> works on my Linux box and a '0' returned to ercode.  The environment
> variable UDUNITS_PATH is not defined on my computer. At least 'echo
> $UDUNITS_PATH' gives me an empty result. Could you please tell what is
> the possible 'ompile-time default pathname' and what is the filename of
> the units file.

The installed file is "$(prefix)/etc/udunits.dat", where "$(prefix)"
is the installation-point of the package specified when the package's
"configure" script was executed.  By default, it is the parent
directory of the top-level source-directory of the package.  So, for
example, if the source of the package is "/usr/local/udunits/src", then
the data-file would be "/usr/local/udunits/etc/udunits.dat".  Otherwise,
"$(prefix)" is the value given to the "--prefix" option of the "configure"

> Thanks,
> Gang
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Steve Emmerson

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