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[UDUNITS #JLQ-522131]: udunits2 and utScan, utIsTime


> Well, any time within a couple of weeks should be fine.
> If it takes more I might revert back and try my luck with udunits.
> Is it the intention of udunits2 to be able to parse and resolve
> all CF-1.0 compliant time strings? Or is the whole CF compliance
> issue not a goal or part of the package?

The UDUNITS-2 package is designed to be compatible with the 
original UDUNITS package at the  unit string level.  Therefore,
the UDUNITS-2 package should correctly parse every valid unit
specification that the UDUNITS package parses. This should 
include the CF conventions on unit strings.

> Also, is udunits2 meant to replace udunits? ie. best for
> developers to move on with the new stuff or are these really
> diff packages?

The API-s of the two packages have some overlap but are really
different API-s (the UDUNITS-2 API is larger).  The UDUNITS-2
package is meant to replace the UDUNITS package.

Steve Emmerson

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