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[UDUNITS #RMZ-185423]: problems building udunits-1.12.4


> Is doing the fortran compile mandatory?  I am trying to make udunits to
> make nco, and I am fairly sure that it uses only c or c++, so maybe
> since the problem seems to be in the port part, maybe I can just avoid
> it.  (cheap way out, but maybe expedient)

Unfortunately, while a Fortran compiler isn't necessary, building
a Fortran interface is: the package is set-up that way and 
can't be easily changed.  Fortunately, it's a simple matter of
just telling the build procedure to use a particular set of 
Fortran calling conventions -- regardless of whether or not they
ever get used.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: RMZ-185423
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