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[UDUNITS #HZL-865132]: (No Subject)

> I have installed netcdf and udunits without any error message, but as I
> have problems running RNetCDF from R (error: undefined symbol:
> utInit), I suspect something did go wrong in the udunits installation.

Is the "utInit" symbol in the UDUNITS library that is used by RNetCDF?
Use the "nm" utility to determine this.

> Are the following warnings when running make for udunits a problem?.
> (especially the first one, because it has to do with utinit?

The warnings may be safely ignored.

> what does
> "discards qualifiers from pointer target type" mean?)

It means that a qualified type (e.g., "unsigned") was passed to
a function that doesn't use that qualifier on that argument.

> $ make > make.log
> utlib.c: In function ?utInit?:
> utlib.c:1127: warning: passing argument 1 of ?ReadUnits? discards
> qualifiers fro
> m pointer target type
> Warning: -L../lib changed to
> -L/home/casanova/APPLICATION/UDUNITS/udunits-1.12.4
> /src/perl/../lib
> Please specify prototyping behavior for UDUNITS.xs (see perlxs manual)
> UDUNITS.xs: In function ?constant?:
> UDUNITS.xs:160: warning: label ?not_there? defined but not used
> UDUNITS.c: At top level:
> UDUNITS.xs:14: warning: ?not_here? defined but not used
> Following are infos:
> version:
> udunits-1.12.4
> $ uname -a
> Linux iau82 #1 SMP Mon Nov 27 11:46:27 UTC 2006
> x86_64 x86_6
> 4 x86_64 GNU/Linux
> $ more CUSTOMIZE
> LD_MATH=-lm
> CC='gcc'
> CFLAGS='-O -fno-builtin -fPIC'
> CPPFLAGS='-Df2cFortran'
> I attach the config.log, configure.log, make.log, test.log, install.log
> outputs
> in case it helps.

Judging from the files that you attached, it appears that you
correctly built the UDUNITS package.

> Thank you very much in advance
> Sophie Casanova
> --
> Sophie Casanova
> Institut f�r Atmosphaere und Umwelt / Geozentrum Riedberg
> J.W. Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt a.M.
> Altenhoeferallee 1
> D-60438 Frankfurt/Main
> Tel: +49-(0)69-798-40235

Steve Emmerson

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