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[UDUNITS #UCS-582043]: compile problems on SUN SOLARIS 8 SPARC


> I'd like to use UDUNITS, which is necessary to use readnetcdf.f
> I work on a 64bits SUN SPARC SOLARIS 8 system. The installation of
> the UDUNITS package was uneventful and succesful.
> Upon compilation (f90 readnetcdf.f -L /usr/local/netcdf-3.5.0/lib/
> libnetcdf.a -lnetcdf -L lib/libudunits.a -ludunit),

Just FYI, the string "-L /usr/local/netcdf-3.5.0/lib/libnetcdf.a 
-L lib/libudunits.a -ludunit" should, instead, probably be
"-L /usr/local/netcdf-3.5.0/lib -l netcdf -L lib -l udunits".
The "-L" option takes a directory as its argument
and the "-l" option takes the library name as its argument.

> I received
> several error messages. Changing the include lines for UDUNITS to
> # INCLUDE "../include.F"
> and either renaming the file to readnetcdf.F or using the -fpp option
> I was able to get rid of these error messages.
> However, now I got this error message:
> ******************************************************
> integer UTMAKE,UTDEC,uttime
> ^
> "readnetcdf.F", Line = 181, Column = 15: ERROR: "UTMAKE" has the
> INTEGER attribute, therefore it must not be declared with the INTEGER
> attribute.

The "INTEGER attribute" error-message is one of the worst I've seen.
I can only guess that it's complaining that UTMAKE was previously
declared as being of type integer.

Does the file "readnetcdf.F" declare UTMAKE?  Does it also include the
UDUNITS Fortran header-file "udunits.inc"?   If so, then one of them
must be deleted.

> ******************************************************
> So I changed all declarations of UTMAKE and unitptr from INTEGER to

UDUNITS uses the macro UD_POINTER as the type necessary to hold a
pointer to a units structure.  Could it be that "readnetcdf.F" defines
its own type (unitptr) and that this type must be the same as the
UD_POINTER type defined in the include-file "udunits.inc"?  What happens
if both are defined as INTEGER*8?

> Since then I get (during compilation)
> ******************************************************
> ld: fatal: file f90: Fatal error in ld: Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
> ******************************************************
> error messages.
> Any help would be appreciated.

I don't know the file "readnetcdf.F".  You might try contacting
the people who created it.

> best regards,
> Nick Schutgens
> Dr. Nick Schutgens
> Research fellow at CCSR, Tokyo University
> phone: +81-4-7136-4395
> 5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi
> 2778568 Chiba
> Japan
Steve Emmerson

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